We Leave Tomorrow!

Greetings Blog Followers!

It is time to add this website to your RSS feeds, homepages, favorites, or whatever because we are leaving for Romania and will be flooding this blog with pictures, videos, and stories of the amazing things God will be doing while we are working with the amazing people in Romania.

Here’s a brief outline of the trip so you know a little bit about what to expect:

  • We fly out of Chicago on July 10th and arrive in Bucharest on the 11th. We will get into our “home” city of Craiova on Thursday night (Romania time, which is 8 hours ahead).
  • We will spend 3 days in Craiova doing outreach and planning for camp with the team of Romanians with Open Roads Ministry.
  • Then it’s off to Camp! We will spend 6 days in the Transylvanian mountains with a group of kids who grew up in the orphanages sharing the love of Christ, teaching English and having a bunch of fun together.
  • We will be back in Craiova and Bucharest for a few days to do a reunion and debrief our camp experience with the Romanians
  • Our last two days will be spent debriefing the trip in Warsaw, Poland, preparing our hearts to come back to our normal lives in Madison after experiencing something that will have deeply impacted us.
  • We will fly home from there and get back to Madison on the night of the 26th.

You can join us in prayer, praying for the Romanian orphans that will be experiencing God’s love at this camp, probably for the first time. Pray for them to be open to being changed and for us and the Romanian leaders to have clear words to share with them.

And your comments on our posts are read whenever we can and are of infinite value to us. We love hearing from you, and your comments on the blog fill us with a ton of joy.